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The potential employer must firstly be authorised to seek references by the candidate in order to conduct pre-employment checks. If required, Referencing Service can provide you with the necessary 'Information Release Form' which must be signed by the candidate.

Our preferred method is to send an email link directly to the candidate who is then able to complete the information online.

The process commences with an ID verification which consists of validating Candidates' Date of Birth, National Insurance Numbers, Passport information and obtaining all associated names and contact details in order to confirm the relevant Employment and Education information.

As soon as your applicant has completed their details and submitted it, you will be notified by email and will be able to view or print the information for interview purposes. If you are happy to proceed simply 'submit for referencing' and the team at referencing will automatically initiate the referencing procedure.

Verifying any element required, Employment, Self Employment, Unemployment, Education and Character referees or confirming dates and ensuring that the details your applicant has submitted are fully correct.

The Referencing Service team will update the candidate's record as each reference is received and you will be able to view the individual progress of each applicant and each reference as they are uploaded to the system in real time.

When your applicant is 100% complete, Referencing Service will provide you with all the applicants references by email or by secure mail if you require the original copies.

Referencing Service is able to create any screening package allowing you to specifically tailor the process to your company requirements. 


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