I have just received an automated email - What do I need to do next?

In order to provide a secure login to your account you will have received an email containing a specific link allowing you to access your details in the system. Following the link will allow you to create your own username and password. now simply add the required details in order for us to complete the necessary checks.

How long does the process take?

Referencing checks are dependent on the speed with which a referee is able to respond to the request and the number of references being sought. Referencing Service will chase these responses daily until they have been received.

Referencing within secure sectors may require very specific questions answered and this can result in longer waiting times. We aim to have all checks completed within a 2 to 4 Week period.

Can I make changes to my details after they have been submitted?

Changes made to your details after submission may cause severe delays to any checks currently active. Should you wish to add or amend details please speak directly with your employer or contact your personal referencing consultant.

The Link has already been used or has expired?

Due to the high security involved in the protection of your data links supplied are only valid for a single use and are also subject to expiry. In order to receive a fresh link to your account please use the forgotten password option on the Login page and enter your registered email address. A fresh link will be automatically sent allowing you to access your account and create a Username and Password.

My Account has been blocked?

In order to protect the data you have provided the system will automatically block an account should an incorrect username or password be added more than three times. Accounts can be re-activated at any time by contacting Referencing Service (24hrs online Helpdesk)

How secure is my personal information?

Referencing Service use a Thawte 128bit encryption Secure connection to protect applicants data via our login section


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